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Welcome to massage therapy services provided by a highly trained, ethical and experienced licensed massage therapist and registered certified reflexologist seeking a healthier, relaxed, pain-free YOU.

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I am accepting new clients.

 Please don't let the stress of everyday living, caring and giving wear you down/out.

As a trained licensed caregiver AND massage therapist, let ME care for you for a simple hour of your busy day.  I can almost guarantee you will feel like a new person when we are done.  A full hour is sixty minutes not 45-50.


If you suffer with/from Diabetes and have neuropathy, be sure to get in touch with me to experience a new technique (amniogenesis) clinically shown to educe/relieve the pain and disfunction of the associated neuropathy.  Also IF you are in TN and want more information on Essential Oils and their clinical healing powers be sure to contact ME. (361)500-2719


Please know that I no longer work from my home in Pleasant View, TN but am now locared at A Classic Touch Spa Center in Portland, TX near my new home of Corpus Christi, TX Thursday-Saturday 11a-5pm.  Shop location is 901 Water St. Portland, TX  78374  (361)704-6005.  Spa opens at 10 Tues-Sat.  I am available, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11a-5p; (615)613-2716 text first please

 I have been approved to accept insurance claims if referred for massage from your physician., with CPT code provided.

 I'm no longerbaccepting new at The Cumberland Day Spa 606B N. Main St. Ashland City, TN (615)246-1333 


                                                    RATE Sheet


Hourly rate(s) chair massage                                        $1.00 per minute

60 minute full body session                                          $70.00

60 minute reflexology session including hands             $60.00

Sugar salt scrub with massage          (back)     $95.00

    “       “       “       “       “           (feet)          $95.00

90 minute full body session                           $100.00

Over 60

60minute full body session                         $60.00

60 minute reflexology session                      $50.00

Sugar salt scrub with massage (back)         $60.00

   “        “     “         “        “    (feet)           $60.00


Add on services:                                 $25.00                                      

Essential oil(s)

Nails clipped

Calluses smoothed

Chin tweezed.

Kelly @

A Classic Touch Spa Center

901 Market St.

Portland, TX  78374

(631) 704-6005

my cell (615)613-2761/(361)500-2719(txt b4 calling please)

   client loyalty reward is:  buy/refer five (sixty minute massage sessions) get 6th FREE!!



I am a 20-year licensed massage therapist.



I offer Cranial-sacral therapy (CST),Aromatouch Technique (ATT), Lymphatic Drainage, (LDT) and Lomi Lomi Massage.

Cranial-sacral therapy (CST)

A hands-on light pressure modality that can balance the central nervous system, correct scoliosis, help migraines, overall body pain and combat stress and fibromyalgia.

Reflexology (RFLX)

A hands-on, non-invasive modality that addresses every muscle and organ through reflex points located on the feet, hands and ears.

Lomi Lomi

A Hawaiian style modality that uses long deep strokes on all selected body parts such as arms back legs, much like a Swedish massage but more area targeted.




Lymphatic Drainage Technique

A modality that decreases lymph or fluid buildup on joint or scar tissue as related from surgery, strain or inflammation. A typical session is ninety minutes in duration and increase joint Range of motion, flexibility and that feeling of bloatedness.

Aromatouch Technique

A ninety-minute session that will include CST, RFLX Standard massage techniques with the application of 8 essentials oils that will encourage mind body relaxation, stress relief and some hormonal production.

Therapeutic Relaxation Specialist (TRS)

Total relaxation means incorporating/integrating all eleven body systems to the point of calmness. This may be achieved through a variety of massage modalities or techniques which include Swedish, CST, RFLX, Lomi Lomi, LDT and TRS.


Kelly Sanders, LMT DSP
Corpus Christi, 78404, TX 78404-2076
United States

ph: 615-613-2761
alt: (361)500-2719

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Kelly Sanders, LMT DSP
Corpus Christi, 78404, TX 78404-2076
United States

ph: 615-613-2761
alt: (361)500-2719